What Is A Metes And Bounds System?

What Is A Metes And Bounds System?

A metes and bounds survey is a type of land survey that identifies property boundaries by natural landmarks. This type of survey is often used for land areas that are not subject to any formal survey.

A land surveyor is likely to use this method when surveying property that has not been divided into lots and blocks. Landmarks such as metes and bounds are frequently utilized in a “legal description” of a property.

The geographical description of a land that indicates its precise position and is retained with the land title is known as a legal description. The metes and bounds system is also known as a metes and distances system.

What Was The Metes And Bounds System Used To Describe?

Metes and bounds are a system or way of defining land, real property (as opposed to personal property), or real estate. The technique has been utilized in England for many centuries and is currently employed in the creation of broad borders there.

The metes and bounds system of land description has been utilized to divide the legal real estate into the United States since the country’s settlement by Europeans.

The metes and bounds system is an alternative to the statutory survey process, which is generally used in urban areas and on undeveloped land.

What Are The Advantages Of The Metes And Bounds System?

Metes and bounds gave people a way to designate, own, buy and sell the property. People had to agree on the boundaries of the land they were buying or selling. It was important that both parties agreed on where the boundary lines started and ended.

Metes and bounds also ensured that corners were not lost or buried by time or weather. The system was easy to use.

It also led to the establishment of recording institutions in our country and new land laws. These institutions eventually lead to the creation of copyright law, which was passed by Congress in 1790.

Another advantage of metes and bounds survey descriptions is the information about the land. In a description, there will be a legal description of the area surveyed and a diagram showing how to get there. This is based on the border lines and reference points.

What Are Some Common Disadvantages Of The Metes And Bounds System?

It is important to remember that a metes and bounds description was not always accurate because it was generally used by the landowner or a surveyor that the landowner hired.

The person may not have been an expert in this type of survey. Therefore, someone could purchase land that included a rock wall or pond that did not exist at the time of the sale or miss some trees during property division between neighbors.

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